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Modular Operation Theatre Equipment

Modular Operation Theatre Equipment

Modular Operation Theatre Equipment is a finished steel structure with joint less sterile coating providing a high quality finish. Pre-fabricated modular OT offer the advantage of speedy construction, high quality finish in prevention of contamination build up, long durability, robust and flexibility design for future expansion, ease of maintenance etc. The pre-engineered Modular Operation Theatre solves the problem of infections.

Modular Operation Theatre Equipment
Invoke Medical System has provide, a full Technical support with Manufacturing of Modular Operation Theatre Equipment like Laminar Air Flow, Anti-static Flooring, Hatch Box, Control Panel, Hermetically Door, Relief Damper etc.

Most Popular Equipment

  • Plenum Unit (Laminar Air Flow)
  • The Wall and Ceiling
  • Ceiling Pendants
  • Hermetically Door
  • O.T. Control Panel
  • X-ray Viewer
  • Equipment Storage Unit
  • Pressure Relief Damper

Optional Equipment

  • Scrub Sink
  • O.T. Table
  • Anti-Static Flooring
  • Writing Board
  • View Window
  • Hatch Box
  • Air & Light
  • Pressure Stabilizer

Modular Operation Theatre Features

  • A continuous flow of highly filtered 'bacteria-free' air is reticulated under positive pressure into the operating field and air contaminants generated during surgery are removed from the site.
  • With anti-bacterial paint has minimum durability of 15 years.
  • Seamless
  • Easy to clean steam cleaned, electro metric (ideal for high humidity areas)
  • Vapour permeability (allows substrate moisture to escape) protects against growth of bacteria, meld and yeasts.
  • Moisture resistance, freeze/thaw resistance.

Our large assortment of Modular Operation Theatre Equipment includes

  • Plenum Unit (Laminar Air Flow)
  • The wall & Ceiling
  • Air & Light
  • Pendants
  • Hermetically door
  • O.T. Control Panel
  • X-ray viewer
  • Pressure relief damper


  • Use of optimum quality raw materials
  • Compact structure
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Low maintenance cost

Pass Box or Hatch Box

Pass Box or Hatch Box
To remove Waste materials from the operation theatre to Dirty linen Area just adjacent to operation theatre. With two doors and the door will be operated electronically. Designed in such a way that only one door will be opened at one time. The UV light will be so installed that it kept 'on' while both the doors are closed, automatically turned 'off in case of opening of either of the doors.

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